How we work

When you choose DollarsBack, it means you want experts who are fully experienced in a complex field. Typically, your debtor hears from us within 24 working hours of receipt of your claim. Debtors see that our collection experts make no idle threats; they do not argue or debate as they are professionals and aware of your interest to preserve good relations and get paid. We personally talk to your debtor on a continuing programmed basis, creatively and psychologically obtaining debtor commitment and payment to you. Historically, our experience says 60% of the payment is recovered and business retained through friendly approach than legal threat. It is the Personal Contact of your debtor that gets the result you want. DollarsBack is committed to this collection philosophy.

  • Identify the Issues ASAP:

    The sooner you could identify the payment default, faster the recovery. Older the debt, Thinner the chances of recovery.

  • Contact DollarsBack:

    Once you have successfully identified a debt, contact DollarsBack and place the claim to start recovery promptly.

  • Sign an Agreement:

    We agree to a simple terms and Conditions to begin the collection process.

  • Debt Submission:

    Submit debt details and supporting documentation with DollarsBack and you will receive acknowledgement. We will start to work on collecting your debts so that you can focus on your core business.

  • Regular Notification of Development:

    You will be notified on the development of the recovery process.

  • Payment Confirmation:

    Using structured negotiations, calls, emails and letters, we’ll endeavor to recover your money as swiftly as possible and finally send you the payment remittance confirmation from Debtor. We’ll send you our invoice once you receive your payment.