Trade Credit Insurance Consultancy

Reducing Risk, Maximizing Cash Flow.

Trade credit Insurance (TCI) is designed to protect your business from the risk of nonpayment by debtors. TCI is financial risk management tools that protects company’s unsecured debt and provide mechanism to transfer the financial consequences presented by a range of commercial risks to the Insurance Company.

This type of insurance covers your company's domestic and/or Export sales which are essentially non LC and mitigates the risk of non-payment; i.e. if your buyer defaults then the insurance company would make good the agreed indemnification (80- 90%) of this loss

It Covers in the case of:

Protracted/Willful default

Buyer fails to pay, but not declared insolvent / bankrupt

Insolvency of Buyer

Buyer legally declared Insolvent / bankrupt. .

Political Risk

Currency Inconvertibility /Non-transfer (Only for overseas receivables)

Highly experienced Team | Long association with India’s leading Brokers We bring you a dedicated, skilled and well-resourced team that works with you to understand your business at all levels. Largest Client servicing & claims management team across any broker in India for TCI.

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