First Party Accounts Receivables Management

Managing your account receivables is key to maximizing your cash flow.

Collection of your regular receivables is a vital part of any business. But the business may not have the time or the experienced staff to do it in-house and you don’t want your customers to think you are outsourcing this activity to a professional collection agency. An increasing number of creditors are realizing their time and effort is best spent on their core business functions and not worrying about their in-house collection operation. Others want to maintain a core collection operation, but look to outside agencies to manage excess volume, volume surges, or as part of their disaster management strategy. That’s where our First Party Accounts Receivable Management solutions come in. Our First party collection team becomes an extension of your in-house collection department and work with your customers on your behalf to get the matter settled.

When it comes to First Party Receivable management, you can rely on the expertise of The Dollars Back in maximizing the collection. Our account receivables team is composed of highly-trained professionals who have years of experience in the industry. And, with our proven effective collection system, you can focus on your core business obligations while we take care of the collection works to avoid bad debts.

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Receivable to The Dollars Back:-

With accounts receivable management services from The Dollars Back, your business can take advantage of a host of several benefits, including:

Focus on Core Areas

While we handle the tasks we are best at, your staff can be deployed to higher potential activities.

Access to Skills

Finding experienced and talented staff is more expensive. This is another reason to consider the ready-made talent available at The Dollars Back.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Outsourcing to The Dollars Back eliminates the need for expensive technology as TDB’s services include best-in-house systems to provide the ultimate in the streamlined, collaborative receivables performance for mid and large enterprises.

Financial Benefits

You get the benefit of decades of receivables management experience leading to improved cash flow, fewer delinquencies, and reduced bad debts, contributing to the bottom-line of your company.

Fast Implementation

Our Collection team will make sure the project is implemented within the time line.

Experience that Works for You

Our modular business practice means you can choose our services to manage a specific problem area, while your core team focuses on other priorities. Working with The Dollars Back means not only cost savings on your collections activities, but faster collections, improved days-sales outstanding and typically, higher recoveries. All of this leads to improved working capital and profits through our highly discreet and professional approach.

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