• Export & Import Receivable Collection (Bad Debt Recovery)

  • First Party Accounts Receivables Management

  • Export Documentation Outsourcing

  • Business Due Diligence and Investigation

  • Trade Credit Insurance Consultancy


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In an industry filled with intense competition, The Dollars Back, a professional Accounts Receivable Management company is set apart by its uncompromising International trade related services. Offering a complete range of International Business Credit Solutions which includes Global Commercial Debt Collection, First Party Receivable Management, Export Documentation Outsourcing, Buyer Due Diligence and Investigation, TrezBack Services (Skip Tracing) and Trade Credit Insurance Advisory Services. The Dollars Back is an ideal choice as the integral partner in your International business.

Our Commercial Debt Collection and First Party Receivable Management Solutions backed with a strong local and International networks of collection experts working around the clock over 110 countries. The Dollars Back assist its customers if they have unpaid invoices, and have collection issues which they want resolve quickly and as amicably as possible. We will uncover hidden issues on the cases and work diligently to recover your past-due accounts while retaining your business relation.

As the business-to-business market grows, serving every size of company from solopreneurs to global enterprises, so does the need for Due Diligence. The Dollars Back’s Business Due Diligence products enables your organization with the most updated and precise information from different reliable sources and provides in-depth analysis to make sure the companies you’re on boarding are legitimate and reduce the risk.

Our team is highly trained and experienced. TDB combines industry knowledge and unique experience to provide a complete range of Credit Solutions.

When you choose The Dollars Back, you are choosing an expert in receivable management.


Our Mission

DollarsBack is passionate to help the Indian exporters to cost effectively handle the export Process, Receivable and Dispute Settlement smooth and faster.


Our Vission

Maintaining sustainability and increase cash flow which for any company trading globally is vital.

Our team is highly trained and experienced. TDB combines industry knowledge and unique experience to provide a complete range of Credit Solutions.

When you choose The Dollars Back, you are choosing an expert in receivable management.


EXIM Global Debt Collection

Import and Export certainly can help you open up new markets, but like any business, there is always a possibility for disputes and when it comes to international trade disputes, resolving them can be complex.


First Party Accounts Receivables Management

Collection of your regular receivables is a vital part of any business. But the business may not have the time or the experienced staff to do it in-house and you don’t want your customers to think you are outsourcing this activity to a professional collection agency.


Business Due Diligence and Investigation

The biggest threat to your business is a lack of timely and accurate information. Without all the facts, you're pressurized into making critical business decisions and find yourself assessing risks based on guesswork, resulting in financial losses and missed opportunities.


TrezBack Services

When a customer fails to pay for goods or services, typically the first thing you do is attempt to contact them about the missed payment. But what do you do when that customer seems to vanish into thin air? Most recovery agencies like The Dollars Back have several debt collection tactics they use to recover debt more efficiently and overcome common payment issues.


Export Documentation outsourcing

The export of the goods is subject to certain legal and procedural formalities before being permitted clearance by Customs. These would include the submission of prescribed documents and adherence to the laid down procedures before an order can be given by the competent officer to clear the goods for the intended purpose.


Trade Credit Insurance Consultancy

Trade credit Insurance (TCI) is designed to protect your business from the risk of nonpayment by debtors. TCI is financial risk management tools that protects company’s unsecured debt and provide mechanism to transfer the financial consequences presented by a range of commercial risks to the Insurance Company.



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